Patient Care Team

Jessica Limon

Veterinary assistant Jessica Limon joined the West Lake Forest staff in 2005. Working with the friendly staff and the caring veterinarians is just one of the many reasons she loves working at the hospital. Jessica is currently working toward her Associate's Degree in Animal Technology. When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her sons, going to museums with her husband, gardening, going to concerts and car shows, and cruising southern Wisconsin on her Harley.

Kimberly Mitchell-Dierks

Veterinary assistant Kimberly Mitchell-Dierks joined the Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest staff in 2004. She loves animals and enjoys learning new things about pet care every day. At home, she enjoys the companionship of her dogs Scout and Gracie and a number of cats and birds. Making jewelry, drawing, painting, gardening, and cooking are some of her many hobbies.

Ada Follmann

Ada Follmann has been a veterinary assistant at the Animal Hospital of West Lake Forest since 1995. She loves pets and enjoys working with the caring veterinarians at the hospital. When she's not at the hospital, she enjoys gardening, cooking, and taking her dogs Lady and Louie to the dog park.

Amber Richmond

Veterinary assistant Amber Richmond just recently moved to Illinois from San Diego California because her husband is in the Navy. She has 9 years of experience in the veterinary field and holds a veterinary assistant certificate from PIMA medical institute, but is currently working towards her Veterinary Technology Associates Degree. Amber enjoyed fostering kittens for the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility while living in San Diego. Amber has 2 retrievers, 3 cats, and a saltwater reef aquarium at home. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband when not at work and is looking forward to exploring the Chicago area